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    TableView with customized cell factories

      when using table cell factories to show (let's say) 35000 rows an using buttons to navigate with listeners like:
           * Coloca el foco en el registro anterior al que lo tenga
           * @param evt Botón que solicita el evento
          private void btnAnteriorAction(ActionEvent evt) {
      if i go to the end and then i go to the previous... it is sloooooooooow, cose my cell factories are being called from the first register to the last one painted... ¿Is there a way to make this more eficiently?
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          By the way... selectFirst() and selectLast() works incredible fine, the trouble is when you want to reach any row near the end, but not the end.
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            Jonathan Giles-Oracle
            This is resolved in JavaFX 8.0: http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-26363

            -- Jonathan
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              From your answer i can see that:
              1.- this is not going to be resolved for JavaFX 2.x
              2.- Is going to be "realesed" on some date this year (is there a date for Java8?)
              3.- I can't (or do i?) use netBeans 7.2 to solve it
              I wonder this 3 reasons cause we have a delivery date for the program on June this year... and that date can't be move (since a legal term ocurrs and has to be with the release of the program)... so i should drop the development??? i don't think taking out a product based on a unrealeased java version can be a good idea.
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                work around:
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                 * and open the template in the editor.
                package mx.gob.scjn.iusjfx.presentacion.utils;
                import com.sun.javafx.scene.control.skin.TableViewSkin;
                import com.sun.javafx.scene.control.skin.VirtualContainerBase;
                import com.sun.javafx.scene.control.skin.VirtualFlow;
                import java.util.Set;
                import javafx.geometry.Orientation;
                import javafx.scene.Node;
                import javafx.scene.control.IndexedCell;
                import javafx.scene.control.ScrollBar;
                import javafx.scene.control.TableView;
                 * @author charly
                public class IUSTableView extends TableView
                    protected double rowHeight;
                    public void scrollTo(int registro){
                        TableViewSkin skin = (TableViewSkin)getSkin();
                        VirtualFlow vf = null;
                        for(Node node : skin.getChildren()){
                            if(node instanceof VirtualFlow){
                                vf = (VirtualFlow)node;
                        ScrollBar bar=null;
                        for(Node node : vf.getChildrenUnmodifiable()){
                            if(node instanceof ScrollBar){
                                if(Orientation.VERTICAL== bar.getOrientation()){
                    public double getRowHeight() {
                        return rowHeight;
                    public void setRowHeight(double rowHeight) {
                        this.rowHeight = rowHeight;
                work just if all cells are the same height.