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    Using the Interactive Report - Icon View

      I'm trying to enable the Icon view of an interactive report so that users can see a small image that is associated with the row of data in the report.

      The IR query includes the column that contains the blob which contains the image to be used in the icon view. The source table contains the mimetype, filetype, blob column, and image_last_update columns.

      On the "icon view" tab of the IR attributes, I chose the blob column in the "Image Source Column" and "Icon View Enabled"=Yes.

      However, whenever the IR report is run in icon view, it doesn't show the images. It just shows the ? in place of the image.

      I couldn't find any documentation on using the IR icon view with an image. I may have overlooked it. If anyone has any tips on how to get this to work, I'd be appreciative for your input.

      Many thanks,

      Application Express