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    WC_Spaces won't start

      I installed WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content on a laptop.

      I was experiencing an issue with the identity store and found a forum that said to give the WC_Spaces server <listen-address> a value in config.xml. I stopped WC_Spaces and did that, and now when I restart the server it won't get past

      <BEA-320401> <The log file has been rotated to...

      Someone please help!

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          The only relevant message I can find is in my diagnostic file:

          metadata services: metadata archive (MAR) not found

          I have Oracle XE installed locally and is running. WebCenter Content starts up fine and seems to act as expected.
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            Undo the change? You have a backup config right? right? or did you do it through the console?
            Is the listen address correct?

            Clear out (saving) all the logfiles in the managed servers log directory

            You could add debug to this managed server before trying to start it again



            Put that into your WC_Spaces server startup script.