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    Not able to log in: Initialization or shutdown in progress

      I working with oracle sql for a long time and suddenly today I am not able to log in to it.
      Here is what I get

      C:/Users/....>sqlplus @orcl
      SQL*Plus Release Production on Sun Feb 3 17.05.52 2013
      Copyright.........etc etc
      Enter Password:
      ORA-01033: oracle initialization or shut down in progress
      Process ID: 0
      Session ID: 0
      Serial ID: 0
      Enter Username:

      Then I run
      sqlplus /nolog
      SQL>connect sys/manager as sysdba
      SQL>shutdown immediate
      ORA-01109: Database not open
      Database Dismounted
      oracle instance shutdown
      oracle instance started

      Total System Global Area: 2522038272 bytes
      Fixed Size 2178316 bytes
      Variable Size ....(biig numbers)
      Database Buffers ....(big numbers)
      Redo Buffers .....(big numbers)
      Database Mounted

      ORA-00314: log 3 or thread 1, expected sequence #9 doesnt match 6
      ORA-00312: online log 3 thread 1 'C:\App\Tarun\ORADATA\ORCL\REDO03.LOG'

      what should I do? I am a beginner to SQL
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