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    Problem with Plug-In save before exit from skillbuilders

    Robert G.
      We created a tabular form with a manual created Popup Lov. The Popup-Lov will called with a code like this:

      <img src="/i/list_gray.gif" width="13" height="13" alt="Popup Lov"/>

      After I click on the link the Popup-window will be shown. In the Popup-window the user can select mulitple values, which must be passbacked to the "main"-window. We implemented a function, which insert the selected values to a table. After the values are saved in the table, the Pupup-windows will be closed and the main-window must be submited, in order to save the changed values and reload the apex-page to show the new values. At the end of the javascript function, which is called in the popup-window in order to passback the values, I implemented the following lines:


      Through the last line the warning message of the plug-in will be shown. How I can disable the warning message ?? I found the plug-in method "$(document).apex_save_before_exist('disableWarning')". Must I use this method ?? Where I have to call this method ?

      Kindly regards

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          Robert G.
          Anybody can help?
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            Hi Robert,

            People "work" the forum for free so you should wait at least a few days before bumping an unanswered post. If time is of the essence then consider consulting.

            Please set up a demo of your problem in apex.oracle.com and provide us with developer credentials and steps to recreate (include the browser you're using).


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              Tom Petrus
              Actually, i think this is pretty logical. When you make changes to the page and try to navigate away, you will get the warning of the save-before-exit plugin. Unless you used an element for which you specified a no-warning selector in the plugin. The plugin will check if any changes have been made, and then warn.
              What you do now is make changes on the page, and then "navigate away" (the javascript event is the window.onbeforeunload event) programmatically. The plugin detects changes made and sees that this event is not triggered by any matching no-warning-selectors. Using apex.submit is after all not the same as clicking the button.
              So if you made the changes and you want to submit those, then you will have to disable the warning (on the opener window of course).
              If you still have an issue or can't make it work, do provide an example on apex.oracle.com, as Dan said.