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    Forms and Reports 11g Installation using a logical / virtual Hostname

      Hello Forum,

      we are planning to Install Oracle Fusion Middleware Forms and Reports Services ( on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Cluster. Each Cluster Node has two IP-Addresses and two DNS-Names, a physical and a logical / virtual one. Our Idea is to Install Weblogic and Forms / Reports on a SAN-Disk in order to keep the Setup as simple as possible. In Case of a Server Failure, the SAN-Disk will automatically be Moved from one server to another. This Setup, however, requires us to use the logical Hostname for the Weblogic / OFM Installation. So that the Services can be transparently moved from Cluster Node A to Cluster Node B.

      Unfortunately the Documentation about using Logical / Virtual Hostnames for OFM 11g Installations is very poor. I have found an Article covering the Subject for Application Server 10g on Oracle Support, see Document ID 400134.1 (How to Force OracleAS 10g Installer to Use Virtual Hostname When Installing Middle Tier Instances?).

      So here are my Questions:

      -How can this Setup be achieved? Is it possible at all?
      -Running $ORACLE_HOME/bin/config.exe -help mentions Variables which can be set for the Installation. So which Variables have to be set in order to override the physical Hostname with the logical / virtual one? We have tried to set the Variable DOMAIN_HOSTNAME, which results in a partially correct Weblogic-Setup. This Variable, however, has no impact on the Rest of the OFM Installation (Enterprise Manager, OHS, etc.).
      -The Article i've mentioned above talks about ORACLE_HOSTNAME and OUI_HOSTNAME. But it is unclear which one (or even both?) have to be set. Also do we need to set these Variables as Shell-Variable (using for example set ORACLE_HOSTNAME=my_phyiscal_hostname) or to they need to be passed to the Configuration Script?
      -Do we need to override the Hostname during Installation of the Software (setup.exe) or during the Configuration of the OFM Domains (config.bat)?

      Thanks for your Suggestions and Help,