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    ORA-20876 in csv export from interactive report => Possibly a bug?

      Hi Apex team,

      yesterday i tried to download data to csv from an interactive report. The resulting csv file contained a "ORA-20876: Stop APEX Engine" only and no other data. I played around with other reports in my application and had no problems with exports.
      After some investigation i found out that the buggy report contains a column of display type "Display as text (based on a LOV, escape special characters)". When I changed this column type to "Standard Report Column" for example, the error didn't appear anymore and the csv export contained complete data.

      Maybe this is a bug? The environment is Apex on 11g (UTF-8). Is there a workaround available?


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      Additional Information
      The problem seems to occur only if a Shared Components LOV of type "Static" is referenced in the IR column.