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    Error during startup of TCPIP Bus

    Naeem Akhtar
      Dear all,

      During the installation of CCA, I have installed TCPIP bus on OEL 5.7 but unable to start it even debug mode is not working.

      I see this error on the terminal.

      Info : Starting TCPIP_BUS [CMD = ./tcpipbus ]
      Info : Cannot load my id from the DataBase using Host[cca.oracle.com]

      cca.oracle.com is the hostname which is also defined in etc/hosts and I can do ping with it as well.

      Path variable is also set as below.

      export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:/etc:/opt/sfw/bin:/space/oracle/oracle/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/space/j2sdk1.5.0_10/bin:/space/j2sdk1.5.0_10/jre/bin:$CCA_INSTALL_PATH/bin:$CCA_INSTALL_PATH/lib;

      echo $PATH shows as below.

      [oracle@cca bin]$ echo $PATH

      Can you please tell me where could be the error?

      Naeem Akhtar
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          You need to first add the Host Name inside the Network Manager.

          Then the "Select" will see the server name in the DB and start the bus.
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            Naeem Akhtar
            Network Manager is also throwing error while starting.

            "There are no companies defined"

            Subsequently nothing is being saved in Database. I got error that "Error inserting into Hostmanager"

            ODBC connection is just fine and test is successfull. I have installed CCA FP9 Patch as well. But nothing is working for me.

            Even I have searched everything from Support but those workouts are not working.

            Can you understand the problem?

            Naeem Akhtar
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              Naeem Akhtar
              fixed by myself.

              1. For Companies error:

              Name of ODBC and Network Manager alias should be same

              2. For "Cannot load my id from the DataBase using Host[hostname] error

              rschepis has provided half of the solution.

              Rest is

              "telnet hostname 8888" should work from windows (Where Network Manager is running)

              This can be done by installing/updating telnet server on the host (Where bus is running) and opening 8888 port.

              Who will mark it as answered?? :)