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    I Can't make the Geocoder handle Canadian Postal Code properly

      Hi !

      Does any one out there was able to approprietly setup Oracle Geocoder to properly return canadian postal code for a specific address in a dense urban area ?

      In Canada, a single street segment can have two different post codes when located in dense urban areas such as Montreal. One on the left and one the right... so one for odds number and one for even numbers.

      I don't see how to acheive this in the actual Oracle Geocoder table structure.

      I see two solutions to my problem. In order to appropriatly return a canadian post code for a specific address, Oracle would need to

      (1) have the GC_ROAD_SEGMENT_CA table have a L_POSTAL_CODE AND A R_POSTAL_CODE field. Thus returning the good postal code knowing if the house_number is odd or even.


      (2) have the GC_ADDRESS_POINT table have a POSTAL_CODE field allowing to directly return the postal code associated with an address.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated !!