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    TFTP Read Access Violation in Snoop while doing network boot


      I have setup my Oracle dhcp server and AI on oracle 11.1.
      configure the /etc/ethers and /etc/hosts file as well.
      pntadm and dhtam is also setup with macro
      I deplou solaris 11.1 AI sparc image as my service
      create-client and manifest is also associated as per client machine Mac interface

      On client machine
      I created the devalias entry for my Nic interface
      did now
      boot net:dhcp
      Requesting Internet Address for 0:e:1E:8:bf:f8
      Requesting Internet Address for 0:e:1E:8:bf:f8
      Time out waiting for tftp reply

      On server machine in snoop its showing
      tftp read "01010F19" (octet)
      TFTP Error : Access violation

      I check tftp service is running on server as below
      /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -s /etc/netboot

      Please help me i am not able to figure out whats the problem