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    Juno 4.2 SR2 and OEPE

    srikanth vallabhaneni
      Is OEPE supported on Juno 4.2 SR2 http://wiki.eclipse.org/Juno/Simultaneous_Release_Plan#SR2 ?

      There are lot of performance issues in Juno 4.2 SR1 http://www.infoq.com/news/2012/09/eclipse-juno-performance

      We tried to use http://wiki.eclipse.org/Platform_UI/Juno_Performance_Investigation the "Eclipse UI Juno SR1 Optimizations" as Juno 4.2 SR2 is not released yet.

      But installing "Eclipse UI Juno SR1 Optimizations" disables OEPE.

      I am wondering if the current OEPE version works on Juno 4.2 SR2 at all.