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    Windows to Linux Migration alongwith database upgrade and 64-bit conversion


      I have the following requirment with reference to Oracle EBS on

      We want to migrate and upgrade database portion of EBS

      From :
      - Single Node - (apps) and (db) on 32-bit Windows Platform

      - Split DB Tier configuration mode with
      - (apps) remaining on 32-bit Windows Platform And
      - DB tier migrated and upgraded to (64-bit) database version on 64-bit Linux platform.

      We do not plan to perform Linux migration for Application file system on 11i.

      For database, we plan to follow the Export/import notes on Applications 11i Database 11g [ID 557738.1].

      Question :
      - Using the above note and export/import path, can we achieve all 3 database tasks in one go?
      1. Windows to Linux migration for database
      2. 32-bit to 64-bit migration (by installing 64 bit version on linux)
      3. Exporting database from 32-bit Windows on and Importing it to 64-bit Linux on

      Do we need to first either upgrade or migrate to the same release and perform each task individually.
      - Use Export/import notes on Applications 11i Database 11g [ID 557738.1] to just to migrate from Windows to Linux.
      - Use another MOS note to convert from 32-bit to 64-bit
      - Then upgrade to

      Would appreciate any pointers on this.