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    Resource sharing between companies

      We have setup cross charge and intercompany billing for this scenario: company has 2 OU: US and Canada. And employee of the US unit is performing work on a project owned by the Canada OU. We have enabled the project for cross charge and the labor is entered through the a US responsibility. Then the transactions are not visible in the Canada responsibility. Why is that? Shouldn't the transactions be visible in Canada expenditure inquiry screen? We are able to generate revenue and invoice on these transactions in the Canada responsibility, just not view them in Canada (receiver) expenditure inquiry? Are we missing something in the setup??

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          Please try checking under the below navigation.
          Expenditures-->Expenditure Inquiry-->All ( The Cross charge transactions will Not be available under Expenditure Inquiry-->Project Tab)

          Please also review the following document on Cross Charge.

          White Paper On Cross-Charge/Borrowed-Lent/InterCompany Processing In Projects (Doc ID 1351653.1)

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            I am going through the specified path to view expenditures, and have followed all the setups as described in the white paper, but the transactions are not comping up in receiver OU responsibility. My logical thinking would be that this is because they are marked with org id of the provider operating unit. Yet it seems logical from the business point of view that the receiver operating unit should be able to view expenditures that another OU entered under their project. Any other feedback or suggestions will be appreciated.
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              OK, we figured it out, it is actually the opposite of what you said, the cross charged transactions are only visible in the Project EI, not visible in EI-ALL.