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    Oracle Forms 6i data handling issue


      Currently my old client is using oracle Forms 6i the database is connect to oracle 9i. And they using windows server 2003.
      But now when user access this oracle forms very very slow.

      Let said user just login the system (oracle Forms 6i) , it take around 1 minutes only can access it.That is very slow.
      When i check total of user access who can access system is around 280.

      * However i found out issue is too much of data here.

      I have 2 solution to fixed it this problem but i don't think is correct way.
      1) Backup data and remove some history data ,then system will run smoothly
      2) Create new system which involve data migration , eg: one system is for store history data. (Most of user are not actively using it) . Then another system is new one which user are currently use it

      So need to ask is except solution which list above , is it other solution can fixed it ?
      Or is it oracle 9i cannot handling to much of data?

      *Please correct me if worng