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    Interactive Report questions

      Good Afternoon,

      I converted a sql classic report to an interactive report. The classic report has parameters, that once selected fires a page process that inserts data into a table, which creates column headings for my report. The parameters still work in the interactive report, but I want the interactive report to handle the parameters instead.

      Problems I can't figure out how to mimic this in the interactive report: example: the classic report could have up to 50 columns and change when a user selects a unit and displays that unit's report date as a column heading once the user hits the run report button. I wan the user to be able to do that using the IR filters, but I cannot find the actions menu items name to change the page process to fire when the user presses apply.
      The parameters the user currently selects are Unit and enter a From and To Date. This is what I need to mimic in the IR. I am using a union query for this report. Is this even possible.

      I am using apex 4.1, theme is Underlined from 3.2 and Oracle 11g.

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          Joe Upshaw

          Not sure that I understood all of that but, I think, overall, you just want to be able to be able to submit the page (and thus fire your On Submit Page process) when the user clicks Apply? Is this right?

          If so, you don't actually have to fire anything from the click of the Apply button. It turns out that, whenever the Apply button is clicked, the Refresh event is fired for your Interactive Report (IRR). However, what's different is that the IRR refresh is implemented with a "Partial Page Refresh" whereas your Classic Report was implemented using a Page submission, i.e. refreshing just one section versus refreshing the whole page.

          So, all that is necessary is to do something "After Refresh" of the region.

          There are lots of ways to do this. The easiest would be to:

          1. Create a Dynamic Action that is fired After Refresh of your IRR. The "Action" is going to be JavaScript. Here's the code:
          2. This causes the page to be submitted whenever the IRR is refreshed. By submitting the page, you will get your whole page refresh that you had before.

          All of this said, I would use AJAX and do all of this without submitting the page but, that is a longer post. This should work for you as a quick solution.

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            Thanks for that advice, except I don't think it will work correctly, in the page process it has 3 parameters right now like :p3_uic, :p3_start_date, :p3_end_date and when the user clicks on run report these parameters have something it them. I want to be able to use the action menu from the IR and get rid of the parameters, but I need to know th IR action menu field names to do this. I don't want the user to have to enter the three parameters then click on run report and then use the action menu to apply more filters.

            I will try your method, but I want the parameters done in the IR action menu if possible.