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    Custom Reports: how can I dynamically generate multiple elements

      I want to set up a custom report showing charts for multiple targets (hosts), separate chart for each host. The report element is based on a sql which would look like:
      from sysman.mgmt$metric_daily
      where -- metric, metric_column ...

      The output of this query is the list of daily averages for each target name within a given period. The report I get shows one chart with graph lines representing each target(host). Having many hosts makes this chart unreadable.
      I want to have one chart per host with its own graph.
      One way is to define a separate report element for each target and hardcode target name in the sql, so if I have 50 targets, I will have 50 elements and 50 versions of the same sql.
      I want to be able to do this with one element and one sql.
      Is this possible?