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    EM Upgrade:  OSM Targets Are Linked to the Wrong Oracle Home?

    Laura Sallwasser
      Hi DBAs:
      This is EM12.1.0.2 with everything on rhel5 64-bit. The new OMS is on node 3 of a three node cluster and the repository is a three-node RAC. The RDBMS and Clusterware are

      I found that the cluster ASM and ASM instances were linked to the wrong Oracle Home on each target's Home page. I logged an SR and was told to remove the agents and targets, de-install the agent software and redeploy from the EM console. I have completed the steps for (one of the clusters) and the agents and targets are back in UP status on EM12c. However, the cluster ASM and ASM instances continue to link to the wrong Oracle Home on their respective Home pages. Each of the three nodes (Related Targets) has the right members and each ASM instance points to the proper Oracle Homes (these are type gridinfra Homes).

      It's as if Oracle is picking the first occurrence of a likely Home value is comes across (in all targets), and then just linking this wrong Home to the OSM target. The SR is 3-6713951451 and it's gone nowhere. Every target I have is either a cluster or related target so this is a show-stopper for me.

      Any ideas? From my view, the upgrade is not the issue now; I have dropped everything about the targets from the EM 12c Management Services and Repository (confirmed with sysman.mgmt_targets view) and added everything back cleanly.

      Is there something about clustered targets that does not work with EM 12c?

      Thank you,

      Laura Sallwasser