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    Moving Database and application server(weblogic and SOA) to new server

      Hi All,

      We have a production system which has RAC database and Application server (4 Middle tiers app server and 2 web servers).
      We plan to move this to new hardware.

      What is the easiest way to move the weblogic portion?

      I am thinking of.

      1. Configuring new o/s.
      2. Installing weblogic software and SOA software.
      3. pack and unpack and extend the weblogic managed server domain and create additional managed servers in the cluster.
      4. Migrate the admin server to one of the new nodes.
      5. Drop the managed servers on the old server.

      Please let me know if there is any better option or any tool to do the migration?

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      Edited by: user12616643 on Feb 6, 2013 5:57 PM