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    Spreadsheet formulas - Data entry

      APEX 4.2.1

      When attempting to duplicate a typical spreadsheet-based app, data generally falls into 2 categories: user-input and formula (vlookup, cells A1+B1=C1, etc) generated. In a report/list view, there are a few options to show the calculated columns like a) 11g virtual columns or b) views containing the formulas as SQL expression.

      On a form page, if I want to show the calculated fields as Display Only page items that are dynamically updated with the corresponding input fields, one would use APEX dynamic actions (Change, Set Value, etc).

      However, this would mean that the code for the "formulas" is duplicated in the view/table definition and the APEX DA leading to maintenance issues when some formula needs to change.

      Is there a way to not duplicate the formula code/expression and make them available to both the DA and the report?