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    Rman restore  set newname

      We are cloing a database, but using the restore method ( version
      The source and destination path are different. As we are using the source controlfile, before restoration SET new name inside the run block is
      the way to change the path.

      I was just wondering, if there is any other way to do it. Because, we have around 1000 datafiles, and dont want write everything in the run block.
      Also, this goes from Non-ASM to ASM. I tried DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT, but it seems to be not working.

      Set newname for datafile 1 to '+DATA_DG1';
      Set newname for datafile 2 to '+DATA_DG1';
      Set newname for datafile 3 to '+DATA_DG1';
      Set newname for datafile 4 to '+DATA_DG1';
      restore database;
      switch datafile all;