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    Meta data import

      We are using obiee11g in linux machine.We open rpd in online mode.
      We are trying to import meta data.When we import i can able to connect my DB(OCI).But in my select meta data object pane(Data source View) i can view connection but not able to view tables(Meta data type i selected tables also).Could you please let me know where is the problem.

      I installed 32 bit client tool.
      My DB still 10g only.But we are using OBIEE11g Administrator tool.

      [2013-02-07T14:23:17.000+08:00] [OracleBIServerComponent] [ERROR:1] [] [] [ecid: ] [tid: 1b68] [nQSError: 93001] Can not load library, oracore11.dll, due to, The specified module could not be found. [[
      The specified module could not be found.


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          Hi ,

          U can look at this :

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            Satya Ranki Reddy
            Hi Raj,
            I Can suggest you please install Datbase 11g clinent 32 bit. This problem will not occured.

            I too faced same issue.

            Hope this help's

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              We are accessing 10g administrator tool as well 11g administrator tool.Already i have 10g database clinet tool installed.Still we are using 10g database only.So when i istall 11g client is impact anything or not impact could you pls suggest me?

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                Satya Ranki Reddy
                Hi Gram,

                I have done this quite long back for POC purpose. As my good memory haven't seen any problem in that time.

                Note: In Linux Database server 32 bit version then you have to install 11g 32 bit only.

                I am sure database side there is no problem.

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                  My linux database is 10g only.This BoxA
                  My OBIEE11g installed linux BOXB.From BoxB to We can ping BoxA.
                  In my local(window XP).Oracle client 10g installed and OBIEE11 client also installed.We can able to connect BoxA from my local.

                  Now i am going to install oracle database 11g client in my local instead of DB10g client.After install DB11g client can i possible to connet 10g database in my rpd import table?

                  My question is
                  10g database
                  DB11g client
                  OBIEE11g client
                  Is it possible to import meta data from 10g database?

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                    Satya Ranki Reddy
                    HI Gram,

                    I haven't tried this way.

                    I can suggest you do this way might it will work.

                    Install Oracle 11g client in your Box B as well your local then try to connect .

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                      This is known issue, check this doc id ID 1475489.1

                      If you are able to import meta data in your local using offline mode then try this workaround; Open new rpd and import the required tables, select those tables->copy->Open actual rpd online mode and paste where ever you want them.

                      This works with no issues.

                      mark if helps

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