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    PlDoc generates no Doc tab in output


      When using the 'Generate DB Doc' menu item, the plDoc is generated, but without a 'Doc' tab. There is a similar question in the forum, but its reports that this issue has been solved in EA2. Does anyone have an idea how to generate the Doc tab?

      I use a similar package as described in Jeff's Smith article (Javadoc for the Oracle database a la DBDoc).

      SQL Developer version: 3.1.05

      Thanks in advance,

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          Upgrade to v3.1.0.7 and try again.

          BTW, thanks for reading the blog :)
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            Hello Jeff,

            that worked. Thanks.

            Can you tell anything about the features you mention in your blog? Will they become available in soon?
            I was looking for a feature which generates the pldoc header in front of the function/procedure when you type /** before it. Just like in the Java IDE's.

            Best regards,
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              Hi. I just went back from working with Eclipse (after long years of PL/SQL) and i would like all the features Eclipse has !
              Sadly i know it won't be possible because of the difference between Java and PL/SQL ways of declaring things.
              But one that could be possible is the one mentioned here with an auto complete template for /** generating javadoc header.

              One other that i would like so much to see in SQL Developer is a mouseover tooltip that display db-doc attached to a procedure (in a package or not).
              see this eclipse screenshot for example :
              I went through "mouseover popups" preferences but that don't seems to fill this purpose.

              Thank you anyway for providing this ever better tool that is SQL Developer.
              keep up the good work.
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                you can vote for this feature request for the autocompletion of pldoc:


                Best regards,