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    Icon not showing

      I am using Windows 7 oracle database 10g and developer Suite 10g

      configure all the steps accordingly but not showing icons, when I copy all the Gif files in /Forms/Java/ folder then showing icon only in push button not showing in Tree Node.
      Steps I followed:-
      Hkey_Local_Machine\Software\Oracle\<Forms10 g_Home>\UI_ICON by entering the
      path of your GIF/JPG files for e.g. J:\Icons
      and create ui_icon_extension and give it value GIF 
      Creating Jar Files
      Jar -cfv icons_name.Jar *.gif
      Copy this Jar File into Java Folder.
      Modify REGISTRY.DAT file 
      Modify FORMSWEB.CFG file 
      i) imagebase=codebase
      ii) archive_jini=frmall_jinit.jar,frmwebutil.jar,jacob .jar,my_icons.jar
      still not showing images in HTree Node
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          There are some known bugs on this issues.Please check these metalink notes:
          Ftree.Populate_tree does not Show Icons (Doc ID 1275127.1)
          Icons In Hierarchical Tree Are Not Displayed (Doc ID 376282.1)

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            I do not have metalink access.
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              Here is the content of the first note:

              A hierarchical tree component is used within Forms. When the tree is populated with (ftree.populate_tree), it does not show the associated icons "from the icon column within the query". The icons are stored in a jar file.
              The environment file and the web configuration file are correctly set. For example, an image in the jar file appears on an iconic button.
              The cause of this issue is determined by the unpublished Bug 10410309: FTREE.POPULATE_TREE DOES NOT SHOW ICONS

              If the icon node value is refreshed, then the associated image appears.

              A simple loop like this will solve the problem:

              htree ITEM;
              node ftree.node;
              state varchar2(30);
              state2 varchar2(30);
              -- Find the tree itself.
              htree := Find_Item('TREE.TREE');

              -- Find the root node of the tree.
              node := Ftree.Find_Tree_Node(htree, '');

              -- Loop through all nodes and refresh their icon value
              WHILE NOT Ftree.ID_NULL(node) LOOP
              state2 := Ftree.Get_Tree_Node_Property(htree, node, Ftree.NODE_ICON);
              IF state2 is not null THEN
              Ftree.Set_Tree_Node_Property(htree, node, Ftree.NODE_ICON, lower(state2));
              END IF;
              node := Ftree.Find_Tree_Node(htree, '', ftree.find_NEXT,Ftree.NODE_LABEL,'', node);
              END LOOP;

              Now the icon image value will be read from the jar file containing the images.

              The second note talks about not using subdirectories inside the jar file.

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                not working in windows 7 working in XP ..