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    Multiple Presentation Services -OBIEE


      I have 2 RPDs which needs to be deployed in OBIEE. I want to view the analytical reports of both these RPDs.
      However the data sources of these 2 RPDs are different.

      Also, I have installed OBIEE on Linux Machine.

      Would it be possible to have 2 instances of the presentation services on the same Linux Box. If yes please let me know where I can find the procedure for the same.

      Linux Operating System I am using is Oracle Linux 5.0 and OBIEE installed is the version

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          Hi ,

          this is for obiee 10g and windows :


          As per :


          You don't really need multiple RPDs to do what you ask. You need to define multiple SUBJECT AREAS within your single RPD. Then, the built-in OBIEE UI will present the user with a list of subject areas by name for them to choose from when your user goes to build an analysis.

          For an example of the use of multiple subject areas, take a look at the sample OBIEE 11g app available for download at otn.oracle.com
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            Refer section,
   Installing Multiple, Standalone Oracle Business Intelligence Instances on a Single Computer
            The link is here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/bi.1111/e10539/c2_scenarios.htm#CHDDIDGE

            If you need it, this note may also be useful.
            OBIEE 11g: What Is The Format Of The staticports.ini File To Specify The Ports (Doc ID 1224873.1)

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              I think you did not understand the question. I am telling that there are multiple data sources and you are speaking of single RPD.

              Read the question before you reply
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                Thanks Deva. That answered my query.
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                  Hi 887460 ,

                  Thanks for correcting me .

                  So , are you saying that we cannot have multiple subject area's (with multiple datasources ) in single RPD ?
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                    I did not tell that.

                    When I was clear that I have 2 RPDs (meaning that 2 is already present and I want to use it that way) ,then where did the question of keeping a single RPD come from?

                    Anyways, I have got the answer now, please do not extend the thread in unfruitful conversations.
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                      Again , I think I misunderstood you .

                      Peace !!!!!
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                        Hi Deva,

                        I tried doing the Software only install.

                        I am facing the below issues. Request you to help me.

                        These are the details of the second installation :

                        Type: Software Only Install
                             Installation Details
                                  Middleware Home: /u01/app/oracle/obiee_home
                                  BI Oracle Home: /u01/app/oracle/obiee_home/Oracle_BI1

                        The details of the first instance as as below
                        Type: Enterprise Install - Create New BI System
                             Installation Details
                                  Middleware Home: /u01/app/oracle/obiee_home
                                  BI Oracle Home: /u01/app/oracle/obiee_home/Oracle_BI1

                        1. Is it required that the BI Oracle Home be different each time?
                        2. Once done with the Software Install,will i be able to have another instance (like perhaps instance2 in my case) and have separate presentation services and RPDs or there is something which needs to be done with the Configuration Utillity.
                        3.What is the scaling up of OBIEE about? Does it also not create another instance of the server.

                        Thanks in Advance