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    I have downloaded Oracle 10g Express Edition - username/password problem

      I successfully downloaded the above download and in my "Start - Programs" section I correctly have "Oracle Database 10g Express Edition". I click onto this link and a dropdown menu appears. I click onto the "Actual Page" link and I'm prompted for my username and password. The heading is "Database Login". I originally created my username as my email address which is "chrisbarrett1959@yahoo.co.uk". When I try to login using this username and my password I get an "Invalid Login" message. So it is obvious that using this username is wrong.

      What do I need to do? I clicked onto the link "Click here to learn how to get started". I noticed that I had to enter username of "system" for the administrator, followed by "Enter the password that was specified when Oracle Database XE was installed". The trouble is I was given no password at any stage when doing the download. How can I find out what my password is?

      Please advice. I want to practice some PL/SQL examples for educational purposes only!


      Christopher Barrett