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    Popup White Out during actions

      Hi All,

      Jdev Version :

      We have popup in jsff page, which contain components like inputFile, inputText, inputDate. Issue is as soon as we select Calender to select date, or required field validation dialogs opens, popup become whole white.

      As soon as we do some action like select date from calender press Ok or Cancel ; press OK for required field validation error popup regain its originality. Not sure what code is causing our popup to white out during some action.

      Here is our code for popup

      <af:popup id="p1"
      <div class="toproundstyle">&amp;nbsp;</div>
      <af:dialog id="d1" type="none" title="#{sprportalBundle.DAM_UPLOAD_PATCH}" contentWidth="532"

      Please suggest.

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          from the snippets and description you provide its hard to tell what is wrong. Do you have a reproducible test case?

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            Hi Frank,

            Test Case:

            1. We have a jsff page, which contains a table and create button, on create button we are opening Popup which contain components like af:inputFile, af:inputDate, selectManyChoice, af:inputText.
            This jsff page is used as region in a jspx page.
            2. User can select file to upload, provide date using calender and few are using required field validation using database constraint. Issue is that as soon af I don't fill any detail and press submit standard ADF error message dialog appear stating these are required fields, but popup behind just become white. When I press Ok, popup comes back with red box on required filed.
            3. When i click on calender icon next to date fields again calender opens but popup behind get white out. I choose date and press OK, date is populated.

            So the issue arises when we do some event like click calender or do not provide required fields. Not sure why this happening, but UI doesn't looks good.

            Please let me know if I can provide more details on this.