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    Modify S_PROD_INT.NAME value

      Hi Gurus,

      We have an urgent requirement to update the product name in Siebel with new values, for most of the products.

      However, there are lot of constraints and rules built around product name, when we check in this project. However, the care was taken to use ROW_ID of the product in rest of the areas.

      I would like to know, changing the product name is advisable, and anyone of you have already handled this.

      Please kindly advise.

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          If it is advisable in your case is hard to judge without the whole story/scenario.

          Siebel has the EIM table EIM_PROD_INT_UK to change the values of the User Key (S_PROD_INT.NAME and S_PROD_INT.VENDR_OU_ID), so it looks like you are not the first to need this.