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    validating the text value entered after moving from the field?????

      Hi Everyone,

      i have 3 fields first one is LOV(eno) and second one is "messageTextInput"(ename)(i cant use LOV because this is requirement) and third one is LOV(deptno)
      When we select "eno" corresponding "deptno" is to be shown it is working fine with dependant LOV.
      Now the Requirement is "ename" is text field so we need to write the employee name, after entering ename when we move out of the text field then
      validation should takes place. Validation is to check whether the entered ename belongs to selected eno in the first field or not.
      If the ename doesnot belongs to eno then immediately error message should be displayed that ename doesnot belongs to eno.

      HOw can i do this?
      Any suggestions please.