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    SAML2 between Managed Servers in same Weblogic


      I need to configure SAML V2 between 2 or more applications deployed in WebLogic 10.3.6 server.

      My problem occurs when I try to use application in same weblogic, different managed server.
      * App1 call App2 within an iframe.
      * When I access App1, logon page works.
      * When I access App2 within iframe, credentials was transfered perfectly from App1 to App2.
      * When I return to App1, session is ended.

      Deploying apps on diferent weblogic all works fine and I can access App1 and App2 normally.
      Deploying apps on same weblogic, same managed server, credentials are sharing automatically even SAML not configured.

      I can't understand why App1's session was killed when I access App2 in same weblogic and different managed servers.

      Does someone can help me?