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    EPMA Latest version download

      Hi All -

      I just got vmware & want to have the latest hyperion products installed on the machine. However I'm having trouble getting all the latest products in one file from edelivery site for 2003 32 bit windows server. Could you please provide me a link so that I can directly download from there. The downloadable package must include EPMA, FDQM, HFM, Essbase, FR, Web Analysis, IR ....

      Also, do we really need both IIS & Apache web servers running while working with EPMA system 11 EPMA products? If yes, why do we need both? I saw both running in my friend's VM, and was wondering why.

      Thanks in advance for ur input! Appreciated.
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          Vivek Chetiaparath
          The latest version for EPM is can login to edelivery.oracle.com and then select Enterprise performance management and select the OS.This should list and can select you want the latest version) and then there will be readme which will tell you which parts to be downloaded.

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            Madhu. Meesala

            You can download from here,

            Otherwise, you can download from https://edelivery.oracle.com/

            In the Oracle Enterprise management system you can select version and also Operating System with 32/64 bit.
            Then in the next page, you will get all the downloads. From Part 1 -7 you can download for Essbase, planning, HFM, FDQM and Reporting.
            You can find the Readme on the top, which explains you about downloads.