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    How to get the sum value from a jtable column

      i have a jtable which loads data from a database about items' details and the last column of the table is amount column.. it shows the price of item multiplied by item quantity.
      and if i add many items and i want to get the totaol(sum) of all amounts to a textfeild..

      here is my code i paste it from IDE

      Connection con = DB.itzMyConnection();
      java.sql.Statement S = con.createStatement();

      int Itmcd = Integer.parseInt( jTextField8.getText());

      ResultSet r = S.executeQuery("Select * from items where ItemCode= '" jTextField8.getText() "'");
      while (r.next()) {

      String s1 = r.getString("ItemCode");
      double unitPrice = Double.parseDouble(r.getString("Price"));
      int Qty = Integer.parseInt(jTextField7.getText());

      double amnt = unitPrice * Qty;

      DefaultTableModel dft = (DefaultTableModel) jTable1.getModel();
      Vector v1 = new Vector();


      here the amount columns total sum should be extracted out. help me pls
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