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    JC3 servlet PIN authentication


      I'm having some problems creating simple login/logout JC3 servlet using PIN or username and password. I'm useing NetBeans 7.2.1 and Java Card 3.0.2 Connected Edition.

      I see there is some authentication in AdminWeb application in the referential Transit application but I can't figure out how to use any of that in my project. Google searches and searches on this forum are not giving me any results either.
      Does anybody have a clue how to implement this simple login system?

      Any type of help is appreciated,
      Thank You.
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          Hello again,

          here is what I got so far.
          This is what I have in my web.xml file:
                      <description>URL posudjivanje knjige</description>
                  <description>Vlasnik kartice</description>
          And this is what I have in my MANIFEST.MF file:
          Manifest-Version: 1.0
          Application-Type: web
          Web-Context-Path: /vannovak_knjiznica
          Runtime-Descriptor-Version: 3.0
          User-Role-List: VLASNIK
          VLASNIK-Mapped-To-Auth-URI: sio:///standard/auth/user/session/myWebApplication/vlasnik/password
          When I'm trying to access http://localhost:8019//vannovak_knjiznica/posudi from my web browser I get:
          HTTP ERROR: 403
          No realm for active authentication
          Powered by Jetty://
          What does this error mean?

          Thank You for your time.