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    AUTOTRACE stats different in SQL Developer vs SQL Plus

    Ric Van Dyke
      Using SQL Developer, database is 11.2 on Linux. I'd like to know why I get different stats when using AUTOTRACE in SQL Developer vs SQL Plus. If I do the following in SQL Developer and in SQL Plus I get a very different set of stats:

      set autotrace on
      select * from emp;
      set autotrace off

      I run this with "run worksheet" in SQL Developer and I see this set of stats:

      4 user calls
      0 physical read total multi block requests
      0 physical read total bytes
      0 cell physical IO interconnect bytes
      0 commit cleanout failures: block lost
      0 IMU commits
      0 IMU Flushes
      0 IMU contention
      0 IMU bind flushes
      0 IMU mbu flush

      I do the same in SQL Plus and I see these stats:

      0 recursive calls
      0 db block gets
      7 consistent gets
      0 physical reads
      0 redo size
      1722 bytes sent via SQL*Net to client
      519 bytes received via SQL*Net from client
      2 SQL*Net roundtrips to/from client
      0 sorts (memory)
      0 sorts (disk)
      14 rows processed

      A very different set of stats. The stats in shown in SQL Plus seem to be much more useful to performance optimization over the one shown in SQL Developer. Why the different set of stats for each? Thanks.