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    RMAN-Delete expired is running slow (performance issue)

      The target database and catalog database are on Oracle Enteprise Edition We use HP DataProtector 6.11 as the thrid party media manager to manage the tapes. We have a backup retention of 28 days.
      We impletemented RMAN for backup almost 3 months ago. We haven't ever run delete expired or delete obsolete.

      We did the following today on a small database:
      1) Crosscheck backup
      2) delete expired;
      3) delete obsolete;

      We noticed that RMAN is trying to interact with Media Management Layer (HP Data protector) when we give delere expired. So we tried executing the following:


      This command is taking time as well. Overall delete expired or delete obsolete is slow. Have anyone else faced similar issue? Could you please suggest any solution?

      Cherrish Vaidiyan