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    RHEL 4 to OL 5

      Have an oldish server deep in the core network that needs to run a custom develop Java/OracleXE 11g application. This server has RHEL 4.6 - which I have manually 'yumified' and am busy upgrading via Oracle's Public Yum to Oracle Linux 4.latest.

      I would have preferred a reformat and clean install (server has nothing on it, besides a 10g dev database that was never really used). But with its location in the network - I need a ssh tunnel to reach it and am reverse tunnelling it via a proxy to reach the Yum repository. No chance to simply pop in a boot CD and do a clean install, and bootp is problematic with the heavy firewalling used in that part of the network.

      So kind of stuck between a rock and hard place. Which is why I would like to bump the version from 4.x to 5.0 (after which a yum upgrade can take it to 5.9).

      However, initial web searching failed to turn up clear upgrade instructions, or even whether it is possible (sounds like more than one upgrade effort turned the server into a toaster).

      Comments and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
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          As far as I know you cannot use yum to upgrade between major versions of the OS. So you need to find some way start the system from external media to use anaconda or replace the complete content of your startup disk during the system restart.

          Perhaps you could prepare the machine off-line. Then modify the initrd image on the old system to use the nc and dd utilities to replace the complete system disk over the network. I have never done it and no idea how feasible this was, but perhaps worth a thought.


          Check the comments on above link: e.g. dd if=/dev/blah | ssh user@server dd of=/dev/target
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            Very interesting...
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              When push comes to shove, and problems escalate.. and suddenly LOM access is wired and provided by remote on-site support staff, allowing remote console access and control, and the ablity to boot directly of OL5 media.

              Oh well, as they say - do not look a gift horse in the mouth, or kick it in the nuts...