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    Oracle 11gR2 database install RAC (ASM) red hat linux 6 asmlib ?

      I've installed Oracle RAC (asm) on Red Hat Linux 4 and 5 with no issues using NFS and creating shared files and presented them to ASM as devices with no issues.

      Now I'm encountering issues with Oracle 11gR2 ASM install on Red Hat Linux 6.1 and the install documentation is not clear about how can I use NFS shared presented empty files to ASM so that I can successfully install ASM. I understand that Oracle is not providing ASMLib for raw devices for Red Hat linux 6 going forward.

      I understand that asmlib is not to be supported on Red Hat Linux 6 going forward however I would appreciate supporting information for ASM on Red Hat Linux 6 using NFS share and created empty files using dd. This has worked on Linux 5 and I'm trying to find a solution.

      /sbin/scsi_id is used for which I understand. exm /sbin/scsi_id -g -u -d <device or dd empty file>

      SCSI Devices Trusted configuration by adding entry to /etc/scsi_id.config

      UDEV Rules advice would be appreciated.

      Since I am using empty files to server to ASM, should I use partprobe <path of empty file ?> ?