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    Issue with PSU 14727315, Oracle wallet and users with SPARE4 passwords only

      Hi all we have bumped into this problem

      Our environment is this

      We use an app which uses stored credentials in oracle wallet to connect to database. In our case the wallet is used from and connects via sqlplus to ( - PSU from July 2012). -> sqlplus [XXX]/@ORCL
      The user that is used to connect to the database is created like this "create user XXX identified by values 'S:C08BA9F686CF47853A8B0A9989AA7F9419E6AA7466259F38BC62A5C2877E' ". So the password column in the user$ is null for this user .. the value in password_versions column of the dba_users view is 11g. Nobody knows the password of user XXX only values are known

      So everything works OK up until yesterday

      We decided to patch with latest PSU ( PSU from January 2013). After successful patch we started to get ora-01017 invalid username/password logon denied so I had to rollback the patch .. any idea how we can fix this .. As I can not change the password from that user as lots of ppl got the wallet and would take forever to update the user, update the wallet and distribute that newly created wallet to all clients

      Any idea