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    Is there Task Scheduler For Webcenter Sites ?


      I need to populate a list of assets every day using a webservice. Is there some way to schedule this task using webcenter sites ?

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          Hi Bahuu,
          There is a systemevent table in sites where the sites specific events are registered for example the publish events. You could create your own events which triggers a element that triggers your webservice.

          To register your event I would suggest you create a simple XML element which uses the event XML tags. Take a look at the following XML tags in the docs:
          - APPEVENT
          - ENABLEEEVENT
          - DISABLEEVENT
          - DESTROYEVENT

          Hope this helps.

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            Hi Rodney,

            Can you also tell me, How do i register this event on webcenter ? How do i 'run' the XML
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              What are you using to develop your templates? Are you using Eclipse + CSDT?

              In that case basically you create a new template but now you're using XML as the Element Type, make sure the usage is "Element defines a whole HTML page and can be called externaly" and set the template Cache Rules to Uncached.

              Executing a XML Template is the same as executing a JSP Template in Sites.

              You'll need to access it like:
              http://yourserver:<port>/<servlet context>/ContentServer?pagename=<sitename>/<templatename>

              So the element to register your event should contain something like:
              <?xml version="1.0" ?>
              <!DOCTYPE FTCS SYSTEM "futuretense_cs.dtd">
              <FTCS Version="1.1">

              <SETVAR NAME="errno" VALUE="0" />
              <APPEVENT NAME="AppEvent"
              TIMES="13:10:00 */*/*">
              <ARGUMENT NAME="pagename" VALUE="[This should be pointing to the template to execute your WebService]"/>
              <IF COND="IsError.Variables.errno=true">
                        <!--Handle error-->


              This should register your Event, make sure you also have a element, this could be in JSP, that triggers your web service.

              I would also suggest that you build something similar to disable, enable, destroy your event.

              Hope this helps,