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    [SOLVED] After post trigger go to the specific item. (Oracle Forms 10g)

      I have this layout


      and a post trigger insert and update
                      IF  :item1 IS NULL
                AND :item3 IS NOT NULL THEN
                          alert_id := FIND_ALERT('blank_alert');
                          SET_ALERT_PROPERTY(alert_id,ALERT_MESSAGE_TEXT,'Item3 must have a value.');
                          v_alert := SHOW_ALERT(alert_id);          
                          RAISE Form_trigger_Failure;
                END IF;
      My problem was as it fires, the cursor will be on the item1.
      I've already use
      but it was all illegal. The cursor must be in the item3.

      Don't question me why I do not set the item3 to required and why post triggers.
      It is just that. It is the requirement.
      Any bright Idea? Thanks!

      And even when-validate-item triggers. It must be post triggers.
      Is it possible? Thanks.

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