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how to create new report server in 11g?

yash_08031983 Newbie
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Hello experts,
i am using 11g fusion middleware . as i know in 10g
start the re[port server as:
rwserver server = repsrv1 start

same thing i want to do in 11g.

as i started the weblogic server-wls_reports and wls_forms

i am trying to call the report with following code:

temp VARCHAR2(7);
config_path varchar2(100);
ip varchar2(20);
          repid report_object;
          store_var varchar2(150) :='z:\NEWTON\FAC\REPORTS\RFAC009.RDF';
          vc_reportserverjob     varchar2(100);
          v_rep_status varchar2(100);
          report_job_id varchar2(100);

          select trim(ip_addr) into ip from bms_ip_m;
          IF :block_m.fromdate IS NOT NULL
          AND:block_m.todate IS NOT NULL

               repid:= find_report_object('RP2RRO');
               set_report_object_property(repid, report_filename,store_var);
                    set_report_object_property(repid, report_server, 'REPSRV1');
                    set_report_object_property(repid, report_execution_mode, RUNTIME);
                    set_report_object_property(repid, report_comm_mode, SYNCHRONOUS);
                    set_report_object_property(repid, report_destype, cache);
                    set_report_object_property(repid, report_desformat,'pdf');
--------------------------------parameter code---------------------------------------------------------------------
pl_id := Get_Parameter_List('tmpdata');
     IF NOT Id_Null(pl_id)
     Destroy_Parameter_List( pl_id );
     END IF;
     pl_id := Create_Parameter_List('tmpdata');
     Add_Parameter(pl_id, 'PARAMFORM', TEXT_PARAMETER, 'NO');
     Add_Parameter(pl_id, 'comp', TEXT_PARAMETER, :global.company_name);
     Add_Parameter(pl_id, 'LOCN_CODE', TEXT_PARAMETER, :global.company_gl_locn);
     Add_Parameter(pl_id, 'FROM_DATE', TEXT_PARAMETER, :block_m.fromdate);
     Add_Parameter(pl_id, 'TO_DATE', TEXT_PARAMETER, :block_m.todate);

vc_reportserverjob := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid,pl_id);
     v_rep_status := report_object_status(vc_reportserverjob);
     if v_rep_status='FINISHED' then
          message('error when running report'||v_rep_status);
     end if;
end if;
error is: unable to find the report server REPSRV1.

i am new to 11g. 

please help me how to start report server and if i want to create the new report server with name REPSRV1 then how to create it.



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