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    Veeam backup compared to Data Guard.

    just a DBA
      Hello to all.
      Our sysadmins are thinking about virtualization of Oracle servers to vmware and instead of Data Guard to use Veeam backup. Will it be optimal ? Some documents tell that OS snapshots, hardware replication etc. used on opened database can create inconsistent data.
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          Sebastian Solbach -Database Community-Oracle

          Ask your VM vendor if an application doing lots of context switches and lots of I/O is good for virtualization.
          But let alone performance reasons....

          Snapshots are not disaster recovery. Also copying blocks is not.
          And yes it is true that you cannot simply copy a running database. This will lead to block corruptions. However there is a "backup mode" to be set in the database which would allow this.

          Still if you need DR stay on dataguard, VM can never provide real DR.
          If your company wants to go to VM fine. However keep your DataGuard for DR purposes, don't rely on snapshot or any storage side technology.

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            You would be lucky if all you got with Veeam backup is inconsistent data.

            Data Guard offers things a backup solution cannot :

            Real Disaster Recovery since block are transferred via. a different mechanism, than the primary writes block.
            Rolling Upgrade capability of OS (and special DB patches, not all).
            Block corruption are automatically detected (and can even be automatically be resolved).
            Read Only request and backup can be directed to the standby system to save system utilization on primary.
            11.2 Active DataGuard will automatically do the RMAN block repair from the standby.

            Has Oracle endorsed this backup solution?

            Can your company tolerate ?? minutes of transactional data loss?

            This would be my main push back.

            Best Regards

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