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    Software Configuration Management of Oracle eBS

      Hi All

      I am setting up a standard configuration management, build & deployment automation and change & release management process for all types of applications including Oracle eBS, Informatica, Siebel, Cognos, Java etc. As you know, SCM for Java and .Net types of applications are very matured, but not for other types of applications such as Oracle eBS.

      Can you give me some hint on how to manage Oracle eBS applications from SCM's perspective? For example,
      1. How to version control eBS artifacts?
      2. How to build eBS artifacts and then deploy to a new environment?
      3. How to manage changes?

      We have a standard SCM tool called RTC from IBM, which has version control, build and change control functions.

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          Hello Jirong,

          I did a lot in the configuration management area related to EBS, in terms of concepts and practical implementations.

          I would suggest that you take a look at the following material and afterwards, please contact me to clarify any question you might have.


          In terms of technical solutions, I have worked a lot with Oracle AMS (ACMP), different consulting solutions, but also with non-commercial tools. So we will find a solution also together with RTC/IBM.

          You can find me in linkedin.

          Best Regards