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    Print Signature Image in A/P Check


      I did JDE BI Publisher A/P Pay check report using RTF template with XML file. using <?call-template?> funtion I am printing the signature below the amount value. Right now I included four signature images in the RTF template and calling them when user matches and it is working fine. Like below.

      Templates declarations:

      <?end - template?>
      <?end - template?>
      <?end - template?>

      Calling the templates:


      With four signature images and company logos on the check the RTF template document size is 1.7 MB. Now if I want to handle 50 signatures and more, I have to insert them in RTF document which will increase the document size to 15-20 MB. Any alternate solution to keep all the signature images in a folder or path and access them from RTF template whenever user matches. Please let me know if more details are needed.

      Vijay Kumar