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    rep-50125 NullpointerException


      OS : Windows 7 :64 bit.
      Oracle 11g : 11.1.2

      I follow the document to create report server but i am getting the above error.

      Steps :
      6.1.3 Alternative Methods of Starting and Stopping Reports Server
      If you choose not to run Reports Server through OPMN and maintain it through Oracle Enterprise Manager, you can use these older methods of running Reports Server:

      •Starting the In-process Server (Windows and UNIX)

      •Starting Reports Server from a Command Line (Windows and UNIX)

      •Stopping Reports Server


      Beginning with Oracle Reports 10g Release 2 (10.1.2), running Reports Server as a Windows service is no longer supported, as mentioned at the beginning of this section. Starting the In-process Server (Windows and UNIX)
      If you are using Reports Server as an in-process server (the default configuration), sending a run report request starts the in-process server; however, if you are sending a request through a command line, the servlet must be invoked first using either the run report URL or the Web command URL. When you have successfully started the servlet, this also means you have successfully started the in-process server.

      To directly start the in-process server from a URL, enter the following from your Web browser:


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          and i try this also

 Starting Reports Server from a Command Line (Windows and Linux)
          Before you start the Reports Server from command line, you must set the COMPONENT_CONFIG_DIRECTORY environment variable as follows:


          To start Reports Server as a standalone server on Windows, use the following command:

          rwserver server=server_name
          Add the BATCH command line keyword to start up the server without displaying dialog boxes or messages.

          rwserver server=server_name batch=yes
          You can run this command on UNIX using the following syntax:

          rwserver.sh server=server_name

          rwserver.sh server=server_name batch=yes
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            Thanks i use opmn method and it's working.