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    Weblogic & APEX Listener

      Repost form the APEX Listener Forum, as suggested to get more related responses..

      I have an interesting dilemma here.... I have a customer using APEX 4.2, the APEX Listener 2.0 who wants to use Web Logic as their app server. However, their support group is requesting some HARD documentation showing the reasoning behind Web Logic versus using Tomcat or JBOSS as App server for the APEX Listener..

      Can anyone direct me to a whitepaper or official documentation (other than the APEX Listener documentation showing the Officially supported App Servers) that can be used to explain to these higher ups? Since the environment here is a LARGE Oracle installation, they do not understand the requirements for Oracle PLUS the requirements for APEX needing the APEX Listener..

      Thank you,

      Tony Miller
      Ruckersville, VA