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    EBS 12.1.3 unable to restart after a successful installation

    Jerome Dubois
      Hi all,

      I've installed the EBS 12.1.3 template following the instructions in this guide: http://www.pythian.com/blog/build-ebs-sandbox-1hr. By the way, it's a charm not using VM Server/Manger... ;)

      Directly after the installation, I'm able to access to EBS; the login page is available and I can logon into the app.

      The problem is, after a reboot of the APPS template, I'm unable to log again.

      At the startup, at the step Starting ebizapps, I have the following error:
      /u01/E-BIZ/apps/apps_st/appl/APPSbydb_atgtxk02.env: line 31: /u01/E-BIZ/inst/apps/mydb_atgtxk02/ora/10.1.2/mydb/atgtxk02.env: No such file or directory

      It is true I do not have /u01/E-BIZ/inst/apps/mydb_atgtxk02/ora/10.1.2/mydb as a directory. Into /u01/E-BIZ/inst/apps/mydb_atgtxk02, I only have admin directory.

      I can't explain how after a successful login, a reboot of the EBIZ app template messes up the all thing.