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    Running application; Cluster vs Node

    Alejandro Tovar Lanz
      Hi All,

      We have been fighting in order to fix one issue that although is small, is being really annoying. We are deploying an ADF Application ( to an external server. So I deploy the app to the cluster and all nodes.

      The problem:

      I am presenting a taskflow as a dialog. I have two pages in it. One presents the Address and the other one update it. When I press UPDATE ADDRESS an action is triggered which takes me to the Update page.

      In Update page I have just one input text which is required true (post code).

      For some reason, in the cluster, this field gets its validation triggered when page load so no matter what I do, once I get to the page, the red box and the bubble saying that the value is required are waiting for me.

      This doesn't happen if I run the application in one of the nodes. It just happens in the cluster.

      Any ideas???