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    error while sync data from wcs to eclipse using CSDT

    Rajendar Pilli
      I installaed webcenter 11gR1 in remote location and i installed eclipse indigo in localhost.
      and i connect to the server using CSDT plug-in in eclipse success fully.

      the following error i'm getting while pressing the sync button.
      Error while getting the asset types form webCenter Sites.Please make sure connection information is correct and you belongs to RestAdmin group.

      and when i click on create template button im getting the fallowing error.
      Error occured while getting the site informatino from Webcenter sites: A message body reader for java, class com.fatwire.rest.beans.userBean , and MIME media tlye,text/html; charset=UTF-8, was not found.

      could you please resolve this issue.

      Thanks And Regards