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    Agile PLM for Process 6.1.1 is now on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

      We are pleased to announce the General Availability of Agile PLM for Process as of February 5th, 2013.

      Building on the PLM for Process foundation, Release 6.1.1 provides new and improved features including:

      Product Quality Management For Process
      • A new fully integrated module for Enterprise Quality Management.
      • Immediate cross-functional awareness of all quality events.
      • Closed-loop resolution for: Corrective Actions, Non Conformance Reports & Recalls, Audits (Internal, external, supplier/partner), And many more processes…
      • Fully integrated with product and supplier record, allowing management of: Root cause investigation, Performance analysis, End to end change management.
      • Product and supplier quality analysis & reporting.
      • Enterprise Integration (i.e. ERP and BI).

      Powerful Formula Design & Commercialization Features
      • New and improved percentage based formulating.
      • Increased power and flexibility for gain/loss scenarios.
      • Expanded site recipe management scenarios.
      • Improved formula modeling with increased visibility via extensible columns.

      General Features
      • Enabling supplier score carding and reporting via Supplier Portal.
      • Expanded labeling & composition use cases
      • New Packaging modeling & management scenarios.
      • Plus additional enhancements for managing admin data, workflow and security.

      Recorded training sessions and product line links are available via the customer and partner collaboration sites.
      User Collaboration Site
      Partner Collaboration Site

      A few notes on the collaboration sites:
      • To receive access to the collaboration sites please contact jamie.skelton@oracle.com .
      • To access the training go to the PLM for Process Launch pad and click on “View All Online Training”.
      • Materials related to the latest release have the subject area, “6.1.1 Overviews (NEW)”
      • Additional materials will be created over the next couple months. Please check back for new training materials.

      Our goal is for you to find great value and success with Agile PLM for Process. We look forward to working with you as you continue your PLM journey.

      The Agile PLM for Process Product Development Team