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    SB6000 Virtualized NEM question.. what is the Oracle meaning of "trunking"

    daniel whitener
      So we bought two Sun Blade 6000 chassis with the 40gb virtualized NEMs. We have two server room network switches, each providing a single 10gb fiber link to the SFP+ ports on the back of the NEM. Looking through the documentation on the NEM, there is an option for "trunking". The manual explains how to enable trunking and how to disable it-- but no real description of what it does, what networking standard it follows, or what (if any) configuration needs to be done on the switches or the blade operating systems.

      I have a ticket in with Oracle, but they are scary slow responding to such a simple question. For those of you who are using the virtualized NEMs, can anybody provide a brief summary of what "trunking" provides, how it changes the networking compared to simply having two uplinks? Do the blades see only 1 interface rather than 2 like they do without trunking? Any LACP configuration needed on our network switches?

      any advice is welcomed and appreciated.